158 – The Cohen Brothers 1

When you think of uniquely original, American film makers, who comes to mind? The Coen Brothers of course!

This week, we’re joined by none other than Scott the Poolboy from ‘The Internet! with Scott the Poolboy!’ as we take on the entire filmography of Joel and Ethan Coen. From their humble beginnings with ‘Blood Simple’ to the full on insanity of ‘Hail, Caesar!’, we’re covering them all.

If you like your films and your podcasts, a little off center and weird, then this episode is right up your alley. Did I just hear a wood chipper?

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One thought on “158 – The Cohen Brothers

  • Larry Cudney

    I believe the Coen Brothers shoukd do a remake of Its A Mad Mad Mad World….it would be hilarious and have their twist on a great at comedy