159 – Women In Comics

For as long as comics have been in existence, they’ve been dominated by men. However, there has always been a strong voice, sadly kept in the background. This week we’re throwing back the pages and putting the spotlight on women in comics!

From the early days, before the comics code even existed, up to the modern day game changers. We’re schooling you on the women who’s names should have been written right along side the men. Our final guest for Sub-tember, Martha Sullivan, will guide us on our journey and is a resident expert and passionate comic book nerd. (Just like us!)

Prepare to expand your mind, as you learn and laugh your way through one of our most cerebral episodes yet! The only drawback? It’s 98% Patrick free.

158 – The Cohen Brothers

When you think of uniquely original, American film makers, who comes to mind? The Coen Brothers of course!

This week, we’re joined by none other than Scott the Poolboy from ‘The Internet! with Scott the Poolboy!’ as we take on the entire filmography of Joel and Ethan Coen. From their humble beginnings with ‘Blood Simple’ to the full on insanity of ‘Hail, Caesar!’, we’re covering them all.

If you like your films and your podcasts, a little off center and weird, then this episode is right up your alley. Did I just hear a wood chipper?

157 – Back to School Shopping

Pencils? Check. Erasers? Check. New underwear? Check. Do you remember those days, shopping for new school supplies? Well, this week, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and talking about a simpler time. A time where lunch boxes were metal and Trapper Keepers were a plenty.

Now that we’re older and our kids are in school, is it still the same feeling? How has science improved upon the mechanical pencil? What’s the deal with communal supplies? It’s going to be a learning experience!

The first period bell is ringing and school is now in session!

156 – Adventures in Babysitting!

You want to go out for an evening, but need to keep the kids at home. What else do you do, but hire a babysitter? These are the ‘Adventures In Babysitting. These are the stories that need to be told.

We’re taking on the original and remake of this classic coming of age comedy. How will the Nickelodeon original film hold up to the Elizabeth Shue cult classic? You’ll have to listen to find out!

It’s a show that’s being paid by the hour. So tuck the kids in for the night, grab Thor’s hammer and remember: “Don’t mess with the babysitter!”

Oh Elizabeth Shue, how we love you.