197 – Captain Harlock

Pirates have been the stuff of legends for decades. But there’s one pirate that stands out above them all. Not only is he the definition of piracy, but one that travels through space!

This week, we’re taking a trip on the Arcadia, through the animated world of Captain Harlock. From the pages of Japanese manga, onto television screens in the early days of anime, up to modern times with a full length CGI movie. Harlock has done it all.

Hop aboard and let’s fight our way to freedom!

99- Studio Ghibli

For many years there has been an feature animated studio that has created movies that touched you, scared you, and often startled you with their topics…no not PIXAR! Studio Ghibli! They’ve been around for decades, and recently we discovered that not all of the team had heard of them (all right, just Pat.)

So we decided to fix this by watching Naussica of the Valley of the Wind and Howl’s Moving Castle!

One from the 80’s and one from the 00’s!

Join the guys as they see how Japan does their animation!

85 – Berserk Titans!

We realized this month, after doing our first western movie show (True Grits!) that we needed to get a new category off the ground, so we went East young man and jumped on the anime bandwagon with Berserk and Attack on Titan! We’re delving into the dark fantasy of both of these past classics, and new hot stuff.

So join us as we get into a slightly awkward waterbucket fight and find a girl that likes food possibly a little too much, in the Berserk Titans show!

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