236 – Non Collectible Card Games

So, you want to play a game, huh? We do too! We’ve never been accused of playing with a full deck and this week we’re going to prove everyone wrong. It’s the non-collectible card game show!

From poker to 52 Pick Up, we are going to go all in on this topic. It’s been a show that’s been years in the making. If you’ve ever hung out with any of us, then you won’t be surprised that we love our card games.

Put away your ‘Magic: The Gathering’ cards, because this week, we’re going for broke. What’s a frush?

100 – Dungeons & Dragons

Years ago, we discovered a game that allowed us to become someone else, a fighter, ranger, swashbuckler, thief, or wizard. This game introduced us to worlds of our own creation, monsters that needed slaying, princesses that needed saving and treasure that needed looting, or in some of our cases, just outright stealing.

That game was Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax and Dave Arenson’s baby, one that has lasted over 40 years, and one that was the catalyst of many great friendships over the years.

Yeah, I heard you roll your eyes on that.

Give it a chance, roll up a character, and polish off your dice, now get ready for the Dungeons & Dragons show!