The walls are bleeding? Check. The room is filled with flies? Check. All of the surrounding trees, in a 5 miles radius, have been cut into firewood? Check. If you haven’t guessed by now, this week we’re talking about ‘The Amityville Horror'(s)! As Oct-O-Boo comes to a close, we decided […]

164 – The Amityville Horror

Wow. There’s some strange things happening in the house. Should we call a plumber? Perhaps three paranormal investigators, located in the basement of the local college would be more appropriate? That’s right! We’re talking about the 1982 classic, ‘Poltergeist’ and it’s 2015 counterpart, also called ‘Poltergeist’! We’re going to pit […]

163 – Poltergeist

When you think of some of the most classic horror films of all time or perhaps the scariest, what is one of the first that comes to mind? For many people, it’s ‘The Exorcist’. This week on ’40 Going On 14′, we’re inviting Captain Howdy over to hang out for […]

162 – The Exorcist

In 1994, 3 student film makers vanished in the woods. They were in search of an ancient evil, called ‘The Blair Witch’. In 2016, more film makers went to the same woods…. and vanished. Both groups footage was found later and pieced together into a movie and it’s sequel. This […]

161 – The Blair Witch Project

October is upon is and that means it’s time for ’40 Going On 14′ to celebrate: Oct-O-Boo! First up, from 1982, John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ vs the 2011 prequel, ‘The Thing’. When you’re stuck at an isolated, frozen research center, what’s the last thing you want to have to deal […]

160 – The Things!

For as long as comics have been in existence, they’ve been dominated by men. However, there has always been a strong voice, sadly kept in the background. This week we’re throwing back the pages and putting the spotlight on women in comics! From the early days, before the comics code […]

159 – Women In Comics

When you think of uniquely original, American film makers, who comes to mind? The Coen Brothers of course! This week, we’re joined by none other than Scott the Poolboy from ‘The Internet! with Scott the Poolboy!’ as we take on the entire filmography of Joel and Ethan Coen. From their […]

158 – The Cohen Brothers

Pencils? Check. Erasers? Check. New underwear? Check. Do you remember those days, shopping for new school supplies? Well, this week, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and talking about a simpler time. A time where lunch boxes were metal and Trapper Keepers were a plenty. Now that we’re older […]

157 – Back to School Shopping

You want to go out for an evening, but need to keep the kids at home. What else do you do, but hire a babysitter? These are the ‘Adventures In Babysitting. These are the stories that need to be told. We’re taking on the original and remake of this classic […]

156 – Adventures in Babysitting!

What do Nipsy Russell, Justin Bieber and Truman Capote have in common? If you said, Comedy Roasts, then you’re right! This week we’re sinking out teeth into the jugular of others, all in the name of honor and comedy, as we talk about the age old art of the roast. […]

155 – Celebrity Roasts!

You hear a noise outside. Do you go out to see what it is? And when you do, is it a friendly alien or a hideous monster from the ‘Upside Down’? This week, we’re going to meet up with both! We’re digging into the science fiction classic, ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ […]

154 – E.T. VS Stranger Things

Anytime you turn on the radio to a top 40 station, you’re bound to hear a song by a pop princess. Whether it was in 1983 or 2013 or last night, they are a strong part of the musical landscape, just like their male counterparts. This week, ’40 Going On […]

153 – Pop Princesses

Only 3 of the 4 guys have hair to worry about, but how many of them enjoy ‘Hairspray’? In this week’s episode, it’s all about the 60’s, John Waters vision of the 60’s anyway. We’re chatting it up, talking about the original ‘Hairspray’ and the film version of the Broadway […]

152 – Hairspray!

Ray Parker Jr ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Are you? This week, we’ll find out if the guys are! They’re talking about the original ‘Ghostbusters’ and the brand new remake. Despite all of the ongoing controversy, they’re going to strap on their proton packs, zip up their flight suits and […]

151 – Ghostbusters!

What if I told you I had a monster in my pocket? On this week’s episode, you’ll find out if that’s true! The eternally popular Pokemon is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary and we’re taking an entire episode to join in on the party. From Koffin to Froakie to the adorable […]

150 – Pokemon!

If I asked if you wanted cake, ice cream and a bunch of presents, would you? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t? Luckily, that’s the way we annually celebrate our entrance into the world. That’s right! It’s the birthday show! With Josh finally joining the rest of us, as a […]

149 – The Birthday Show!

Did you ever want to smell what The Rock’s got cooking? What about what the guys from ’40 Going On 14′ are cooking? This week, you can find out! We’re talking about BBQ and all the finer outdoor foodstuffs. Burgers, brats, chicken, etc we’re making you hungry for all of […]

148 – Cookin’ Out!

What do Jeff Goldblum, Brent Spiner and Judd Hirsch have in common? A rampant hatred for alien invaders. That’s right, kids. It’s the ‘Independence Day’ episode! This week, we’re suiting up in our flight gear and flying our jets right up that alien motherships tail pipe. It’s time to punch […]

147 – Independence Days!

They say there’s something about Mary, but the reality is, there’s something about Cameron. This week, we’re going to find out what. It’s the Cameron Diaz show! We’re spending some time with a woman that’s not only stolen each of our hearts over the past 20+ years, but most of […]

146 – Cameron Diaz

Activate interlock…. dynotherms connected…. mega thrusters are go! It’s the Voltron show! If you were a child of the 80’s, then you grew up dreaming of piloting one of the 5 Voltron lions. This week, we’re rocketing ourselves into the far universe to defend the universe from King Zarkon and […]

145 – Voltrons!