118 – Santa Cons

What do Bob Hope and Billy Bob Thornton have in common? They both slept with Angelina Jolie, but then again who hasn’t? Actually, we’re referring to films featuring Christmas con artists!

This week on ’40 Going On 14′ we watch ‘The Lemon Drop Kid’ from 1951 and ‘Bad Santa’ from 2003. Two very differnt movies, but both involving a holiday heist. If you enjoy your Christmas with a side of cursing, then this may be the episode for you. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and the only Christmas podcast featuring a talking walnut.

Did I mention Tor Johnson? You’re welcome.

117 – Homeys!

Where did you live when you were a kid? Did you move around often, or did you live in the same house all through growing up? This week the guys take a walk back to when they were kids, and talk about where they grew up, and the moves they made. Join them as they trace the places they lived, leading up to now, and discover a dark secret about our Texan Pat!

Also, to celebrate the Holidays, we’ve paired up with Calliope Games, and are giving away a copy of either Thieves! or 12 Days each show in December! Listen to the show to find out how to enter!

116 – International Foods – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our International Foods shows! This week we talk about European, Middle Eastern and African foods! From pasta to gyros and then to hummus, the guys go on about what they liked and tried as kids, and what they love to eat now!

115 – International Foods, Part One


Who doesn’t love it? With Thanksgiving coming up, we decided to talk about INTERNATIONAL FOODS! Yes! Foods from “Not of this land” and why we love it.

Or we may just degrade into 20 minutes of “mmmm Sushi….”

But we’re not telling.

This week the guys talk about the foods they loved from the Americas, Asia and Down Under. Who has eaten kangaroo? Who has eaten live eels? Do we talk about either of those things in this show?

We’re not telling.

Join us in our culinary adventure, travel with us from land to land, and discover our International Foods Show! (Part one!)

114 – Point and Click

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to get up to the crow’s nest of a ship, in order to grab the lens of the telescope that had fallen out after you scared the pirate with a rubber chicken dipped in Jell-O and cornflakes…we’ll then you’ve probably been playing a point and click adventure game, or need to re-assess your weekends.

This week the guys spent their time playing the games going back to the text based adventures of Zork 1, to the new episodic adventures of TellTale Games! From Leather Goddesses, to Walking Dead, and all the way out to Fairytale Land, this is the Point and Click show!

113 – Hockey Movies

Name one thing that Paul Newman and Sean William Scott have in common? They both love salsa…. and being in hockey movies! That’s right! This week it’s all about the at of the hatrick, butt-ending, Puck Bunnies and hosers as we take on the classic comedy ‘Slap Shot’ and the recent cult classic ‘Goon’.

After an entire month of horror and things that go bump in the night, it was time to lighten the mood and talk about things that go bump in the day time! Even if you’re not a fan of the Canadian dominated sport, you’ll still find something to love in this episode. It’s gonna be a shoot out and somebody’s going to loose some teeth! Probably Joel.


112 – The Fear Show

VSS WARNING! – That’s “very special show” warning, for the not in the know.

Yep, we’re going to do another fan request from astute listener David Jessen aka “Something Fruity from Denmark”…the Fear show. Seems that some people are curious on what we’re afraid of, so they’re gettin’ it. Warning, we get a little dark in this one, so if you’re expecting the ‘laff a minute’ show you ain’t going to get it here. We take a solid look at what scares us, from the giant nose monster nightmares from when we were kids, to our adult fears, death, loss, and the like.

You’re really taking a peek behind the curtain on this one, folks.

If this is the first time that you’re listening to us, well, choose from the other 111 shows we’ve already done. Get to know us a bit first.

Not to say that this is less than the regularly awesome shows that we’ve done, we discussed it at the end and decided to go ahead with it. Now with no further words, the Fear Show,.

111 – Halloween

What if I told you, that you could go around the neighborhood, in disguise and get all the free candy you can carry? You can! This week the ’40 Going On 14′ crew tell you how.

It’s our tribute to the joys of Halloween and trick or treating. what it was like when we were kids and what it’s like now. Do we still get candy, when we go house to house or do people look at us funny and tell us to get off their lawn? Maybe a little bit of both? What candy is our favorites? How many bags of candy DID we eat, before we got diabetes?

It’s a show you won’t want to miss! Full of nougat, a real cookie crunch and covered in leftover chocolate from last years haul. Delicious!

110 – Screams

Your phone rings in the middle of the night, the voice on the other end asks, “What’s your favorite scary movie?” The words that come out of your mouth next, could determine if you live or get gutted like a fish. Do you know the rules to survive a scary movie? Listen to this weeks episode and find out!

We’re taking on Wes Craven’s self aware classics, ‘Scream’ (1996) and ‘Scream 4’ (2011)! We won’t reveal who the killer or killers are, until the end. However, you might get hit in the head by a phone. Check your closets and be sure to take notes, because all bets are off! Everyone’s a suspect.

109 – The Hills Have Eyes

Have you ever been lost in the desert and just not sure what to do next? After listening to this episode, we guarentee you won’t be taking directions from the gas station attendant.

That’s right, we’re continuing our tribute to the films of Wes Craven and this week we take on ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. The original 1977 film that changed the landscape of horror and the 2006 remake. From bad dudes in leather to mutants with axes, we talk about it all.

If you’ve ever wondered why people go missing on vacations in the middle of nowhere, we may have found the answer. Check it out now or we’re going to have to send Michael Berryman over to babysit your pet birds and he really LOVES pet birds.

108 – A Nightmare on Elm Street

1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you. 3, 4, Patrick’s at the door, with the rest of the guys! That’s right, Freddy’s come all the way from Elm street to play and this time you’re not dreaming. In memory of a horror icon, the guys are dedicating the month of October to the films of Wes Craven. First up, it’s all about ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, the 1984 original and the 2010 remake. Grab your red and green sweater and steal a fedora from the local hipster, Nancy’s already got the coffee brewing and it’s starting to get dark out. Sweet dreams, kids.

107 – Video Arcades

Back in the day there was a place where you had to go to get your game on, I mean serious button mashing, joystick jamming video game on..the Arcade. Once seen all over the malls of the United States, Video Arcades have become a bit of an endangered species. The dark, neon lit places of old are hard to find, and so are the old school games, knights riding on ostraches over a lava pit? Sure! A cook being chased by giant fried eggs? Why not? Join the guys this week as we look at Video Arcades then and now!

106 – Boy Bands

Remember your first concert? Screaming as the band got up on stage and did their dance routine, and you just KNEW that the cute one was pointing at you when he called out “You, Girl…”


No. We don’t recall any of that. Which is not to say that it didn’t happen…we just don’t recall it.

Listen in this week as the guys talk about BOY BANDS! What they are, what the top ones of then and now were, and some deep dark secrets will be revealed!

105 – Road Trippin’

Ah, the summer is almost over, so we thought we’d take some time to reflect on that one thing that unites us all. ROAD TRIPS! Dive back with us as we talk about the sweet, sweet rides we had when we were kids, from VW Buses to cars that would make Batman jealous, what we ate, what we went to see and how we handled being in the car for 10 hours straight. Then to the now, where Joel and Mike discuss trippin’ with kids, Pat’s special power, and what exactly DID happen to Josh at the Knights Inn, Columbus?

So hop in the car and let’s go on the Road Trippin’ show!

104 – TRON

Way back in 1982 we really knew nothing about computers, and that was extremely evident when the TRON was released. But the idea of there being living, active, human like programs living in there was something that we as kids loved. With Flynn and TRON fighting the MCP, the super cool lightcycles, and the use of actual computer generated effects it was hard not to duct tape your frisbee to your back and pretend your bike was leaving a wall of solid light behind it. Toss in the arcade game and you had an entire summer to simmer in TRONish goodness.

Come 2010, we know how computers work, digital effects are commonplace, and we don’t even know where our frisbees are. Then TRON: Legacy gets released, giving us another look into the Grid, and with it the obligatory video games and toys. Does the story hold? Do we still love the idea of programs existing as beings in our hard drives? Do we still have a data disk taped to our back?

Find out this week in the TRON show!

103- Going To The Movies!

We’ve talked about seeing movies, but we haven’t talked about actually going to the movies!

This week the guys chat about going to the movies both the then and now, then, when double (and sometimes TRIPLE) features were a thing, when snacks were less than $30 for a popcorn, and when the preshow was someone playing a pipe organ before the trailers! All the way to now, where we go now, what we see, what date night is like and how we handle the kids (for Joel and Mike at least!)

Join us this week for the “Going To The Movies” Show!

102- Bruce Campbell


Everyone’s favorite chainsaw hand man is the topic of this week’s show! It’s none other than Bruce Campbell, and we’re going to take a walk through his catalog of movies, games, and TV shows. Yes, from his A-list cameos to the B-List movies it’s all about the life and awesome times of the man, the legend, the Chin – BRUCE CAMPBELL!


101 – Wet Hot American Meatballs

Are you ready for the summer? Well, it’s almost over, but that reminded us of SUMMER CAMP! Yes! That time where you ditched the parents, spent the summer in a kinda funky smelling tent with kinda funky smelling bunkmates! Then we thought of summer camp movies, and that bastion of camp flicks, Meatballs, with none other than Bill Murray! Remember what a teen sex camp comedy it was? Or was it?
Then we needed a now, so we went to 2001’s “Wet Hot American Summer”! How wacky that one was with it’s….talking can of vegetables?


So join the guys in the Wet Hot American Meatballs show!

100 – Dungeons & Dragons

Years ago, we discovered a game that allowed us to become someone else, a fighter, ranger, swashbuckler, thief, or wizard. This game introduced us to worlds of our own creation, monsters that needed slaying, princesses that needed saving and treasure that needed looting, or in some of our cases, just outright stealing.

That game was Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax and Dave Arenson’s baby, one that has lasted over 40 years, and one that was the catalyst of many great friendships over the years.

Yeah, I heard you roll your eyes on that.

Give it a chance, roll up a character, and polish off your dice, now get ready for the Dungeons & Dragons show!

99- Studio Ghibli

For many years there has been an feature animated studio that has created movies that touched you, scared you, and often startled you with their topics…no not PIXAR! Studio Ghibli! They’ve been around for decades, and recently we discovered that not all of the team had heard of them (all right, just Pat.)

So we decided to fix this by watching Naussica of the Valley of the Wind and Howl’s Moving Castle!

One from the 80’s and one from the 00’s!

Join the guys as they see how Japan does their animation!