98- Predators

The flash of a three sided laser, the growl, and that shimmer as the forest moves just a bit….you’re being hunted, and we’re all going to die.

YAY! It’s time for the Predators show! Back in 87, Arnold fought the alien hunter in the forests of South America, and lived. In 2010, Adrien Brody (?!) fights the Predators on an alien planet and…well…spoilers for a 5 year old movie?

Join the guys as they smear mud on themselves for no good reason, almost lose some fingers making a bow out of branches, and pretty much realizes that we’d last about as long as a stick of butter in the desert if put up against the PREDATORS!

97-Will Smith

Will Smith.

The man.

The rapper.

The Actor.

The Legend.

The Fresh Prince.

This week on 40 Going On 14.


96- Country Music

Well, we’ve done a couple pop music shows, a Hair Metal show, and you can guess that we’re all about music of every kind. So for one more in the “The guys talk about Music” series, we have the Country Music show! With our resident expert Patrick, we take a walk through the past of Country Music, pretty way back really, and then see how Country has changed in the last 10 or so years too! So get your boots on, straighten your hat, and tune up your steel guitar, it’s time for the Country Music Show!

95- The Simpsons!

Way back in 89, there was a show, one that would ruin the family, cause your kids to become juvenile delinquents, and just all out destroy your life. That show? Full House.

But we knew that already.

Another show that debuted that year is the Simpsons, one that had some bad press, some irrational comments made, and was for a moment the scapegoat for all hi-jinks that occurred. This week the guys take a look back and see if the episodes we loved are really as good as we remember, and if the over 25 year old show still has it’s magic.

So join us for a show full of comedy, bad impersonations, and quotes galore as we step into the Simpsons Show!


94- The Jurassic Show!

Dinosaurs, the great equalizer. Everyone loves a good dinosaur movie, but up until 1993, there really weren’t any really good dinosaur movies out there! Sure, we had “Land Of The Lost” on TV, and a ton of Godzilla movies out there, but nothing that was a solid DINOSAUR MOVIE.

Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg changed all that.

In 1993 we saw what would become THE dinosaur movie. Sure there were sequels, and they were…definitely movies that had Dinos in it. But anyone who saw Jurassic Park when it released can remember that feeling when Muldoon (BAD. ASS.) was trying to save the gatekeeper from velociraptors, you knew you were in for a ride.

Now in 2015, we get Jurassic World, a true sequel to the first movie, this takes place 25 years after the disastrous events of Jurassic Park. With Chris Pratt, and Bryce Dallas Howard taking the lead we’re led down another path where nature swats down man over his hubris.

So, join the guys and step through the gate into the Jurassic Show!


93- Super Friends vs Justice League


Get home from school get that snack ready and let’s watch Super Friends! Yes! We loved this show! With Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman and….Aquaman….and this Shaggy wannabe, and his cousin? sister? girlfriend? Why do they have a robot dog? Where’s the purple monkey and the dude that turns into water? Why is there cake?

This week we watch the old school 1970’s Super Friends and face them off the 2000-2006 Justice League cartoon! Who’s got the better roster? Who’s got the better villains? Who’s got a purple monkey? But, who’s got Booster Gold?!

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92 – Online Roleplaying Games

Years ago, back when the Internet was in it’s infancy, someone invented a game called a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) this was a text based online game where you could interact with the environment, with others and level up your character. Over 20 years later,  Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games are a everywhere, every genre, and every level. Join the guys as they go back to days of text based games, and then to the 3-D online games that are around now!

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91 – Late Nite Talk

Stayin’ up late to catch Johnny Carson used to be the thing to do if you wanted to be able to have a conversation at the water cooler the next day, late nite shows have changed over the years. Now we have Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson and  Jimmy Kimmel, and you don’t need to stay up late to get the jokes! This week the guys stay up past their bedtime for the Late Nite Talk show!

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90 – The Food Show Show

Back in the day we used to get our recipes off the TV! No, really! There were actual shows that taught us how to cook! This was before you could go to Epicurious.com and download a new recipe, before YouTube and Netflix let you stop and rewind, because you just didn’t understand that last ingredient…was is baking soda? Was is baking powder? Why does he have a bowl of nutmeg now? I missed that last part!!!

Join the guys as we go back to Julia Child, The Frugal Gourmet, and The Cajun Cook, then jump forward to Good Eats, Barefoot Contessa, and The Naked Chef!

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89 – Mad Max

This week the guys get it together and see a movie opening weekend! Yes! We all got out and watched Mad Max (1979) and Mad Max: Fury Road! Who’s the better Max? Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy? Who would you call on to help you in a post-apocalypse world gone mad? Who’s sidekick started the trend of “Goose” being a very unlucky nickname? You can only find out this week on 40 Going On 14!

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88 – Minis Gaming


This week, sadly we are sans-Patrick, but do not fear! We have a super topical guest to fill in! Seth Johnson from the Calliope Games Kickstarter “Titans Of Gaming” is in to discuss Miniatures Gaming from then and now!

We start off in the year 1984 with Warhammer Fantasy, to 1990 and the release of Hero Quest and wind up in the now with the latest batch of minis games from WizKids (CLICKYS!) and to the Harebrained Schemes game Golem Arcana!

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87 – Billboard Top 10 – Part 2

Welcome to the (now ) Second Annual Billboard top 10 show! Where we take a listen to the top 10 of the then and now and see what’s cookin’ – this time around the years are 2015 (‘natch) and 1985, why? Because Back to the Future! Join Mike, Pat, Joel and Josh as they listen to the Billboard top 10 then and now!

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1 – Conan The Barbarian

So, here we are, Josh, Joel, Pat & Mike, launching a new podcast out into the world…what are we? Well, four guys all approaching, or running past the big FORTY, and it brings up a moment of reflection, what have we done so far? What is on the horizon? What is the true meaning of life, the universe and everything? But, on a far greater scale, was the original Transformers cartoon better than the one that is out now? How about that reboot of Thundercats? Does anyone remember Lone Star and his horse & sidekick 40/40?Well, we’re the ones to answer those questions.Join us on a weekly spree of reminiscing and fun.For our first show, we’re watching the 1982 Conan The Barbarian against the 2011 remake!We’d love to hear from you!

Email us at 40go14@gmail.com or send us a message on the 40 Going on 14 Facebook page!

86 – Stand Up Comedy!

What’s the deal with 40 Going On 14?

Yeah, that’s really all I had at the outset, not really funny at all. But you know what’s really funny? Stand up comedy! Yep. We take a turn on stage this week talking about the comedians from out past that we loved, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Don Rickles, just to name a few. (If you don’t know who Don Rickles is go look him up you hockey puck!) Then we take a gander at the comedy styling of Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, and John Mulaney.

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85 – Berserk Titans!

We realized this month, after doing our first western movie show (True Grits!) that we needed to get a new category off the ground, so we went East young man and jumped on the anime bandwagon with Berserk and Attack on Titan! We’re delving into the dark fantasy of both of these past classics, and new hot stuff.

So join us as we get into a slightly awkward waterbucket fight and find a girl that likes food possibly a little too much, in the Berserk Titans show!

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84- True Grits

The Duke vs The Dude – Who’s the better Cogburn?

83- The Muppet Show Show!

Whether it’s Bunsen Honeydew, Animal, or Lew Zealand and his Boomerang Fish, everyone has a favorite Muppet. Figure out which is yours while you listen to the Muppet Show Show!

82- Shafted

Who’s the better Shaft? He’s one bad mother-Shut your mouth!

81- The Mime Show

80- Talk Talk

Hands up if you remember NOT having a phone on you at all times. This week the guys talk about talking!