53 – Hungry Like the Wolverine

52 – Hawaii Five DOH!

51 – Peter Pan!

50 – Soda Popinsiki!

49 – Gen Con!

48 – Music Videos

47 – Red Dawns!

45 – Scorsese

46 – Game Shows!

44 – Heavy Metal

43 – Wonkas

When you were a kid, did you ever wonder what it would be like to own a chocolate factory? This week, we find out! We also learn why it’s hard to find English speaking Oompa Loompah’s and if the boys can still function with a man down! This week it’s all about Roald Dahl’s timeless classic, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. We take a look at the original 1971 classic and the 2005 Tim Burton remake. We also replace Pat with 3 sound bytes and a chocolate replica. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a cavity, you might just find out this week! So bring your pure imagination and a little time and we’ll take you on a frightening trip down the chocolate river back into your childhood! Wonka!

42 – Robocops

When we were kids, we didn’t just have a robot or a cop or a Peter Weller robot, we had Robocop! Part man, part machine and all bad ass. This week, the boys get together to discuss the original 1987 Paul Verhoeven Robobop, the 2014 Jose Padilha remake and every single thing in between. It’s a jam packed show full of bullets, Boddicker’s and ‘bots! You WILL download this episode. You have 20 seconds to comply. I’d buy that for a dollar!

41 – Cereal Killers

Every morning-noon we stumble down the stairs and get ourselves a heaping bowl of cereal, Weetabix, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, and more! But do you remember eating Ghostbusters cereal? ETs? Ice Cream Cones? This week the guys take on breakfast, and spent the week eating nothing but breakfast cereal all day and night! Come and listen and find out about some really obscure cereals, what we’re eating now, and what the heck is Breakfast Sludge??

40 – The Origin Story

Who are these guys who make up 40 Going On 14? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Why aren’t they in prison? Well, skip that last one. This week we’re taking a moment of self-gratification, and letting you guys in on how we all met, the backstory behind some of our jokes, and really what makes us tick. Come on by and gather round the fire, as we give you the origins of 40 Going On 14!

39 – Does Tribble Have Puss Puss?

Space…the final frontier….these are the voyages of four travelers delving into STAR TREK! YES! Josh suggested it, and we jumped into the Star Trek universe, starting from the original pilot The Cage, and then jumping around to the cartoons, other series and movies, but for the most part we focus on KAHHHHNNNNN! Yes, who is the better Kahn? Who is the better Captain? What is the coolest alien that they have encountered? Can you eat tribbles? How much of a bad ass is Scotty? These are all the questions that will remain mostly answered on this weeks episode of 40 Going On 14!


Whats that sound in the distance? Is it Josh after a night eating Mexican food? NO IT’S GODZILLA! Or maybe it’s just Josh. Either way, this weeks show is all about that beloved Tokyo stomping monster of the East. From his humble beginnings in 1954 all the way to his recent box office destruction in 2014. It’s the all Godzilla show! It’s a giant sized, rubber suit wearing journey through one of the biggest franchises of all time. Literally. So sit yourself down, grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready to run for your life!

37 – Educational Software

Back in the day, during the dawn of the home PC, someone got the idea that we could actually learn on these things, and Educational Software was born. From the Oregon Trail to searching out that sultry Carmen Sandiego, all the way to DuoLingo and the educational merits of Minecraft, the guys travel through the years to discover what really is Educational Software.

Also, Mike is apparently a hot dog.

36 – GI Joe!

From the time we were kids, we thought the military consisted of laser guns, missile firing motorcycles and silent ninja’s. The reality is, it was just a cartoon designed to sell toys! And we loved it! This week we’re talking about, you guessed it, ‘GI Joe’! From Snake Eyes to Doctor Mindbender, we cover em’ all. Then we strap ourselves in for the two recent live action movies and the cartoon reboot. It’s a whole lot of animated testosterone. So c’mon, jump in the HISS tank and let’s get moving! We always heard that knowing was half the battle, now we figure out what the other half is. YO JOE!

35 – Friends Coupling!

We all know the escapades of Joey, Ross, Chandler in the Friends TV show, and the rest, but did you know that there was another hip, twenty/thirty-somethings that was out there? Seems that Steven Moffat got together with the BBC in 2000 an decided to make the show Coupling! Absolutely not a rip-off of Friends at all? Well, we’ve watched them both, and in a rare moment of getting in touch with our sensitive sides we look them over and decide which one comes out on top. This week its Friends versus Coupling! Two enter! One remains! Or something like that?

34 – The Fast Food Show!

Have you ever needed a burger in less than 5 minutes? Been out late and needed something to eat at 2 a.m.? How about on a road trip and you need to stop for a quick bite? Well, that’s where Fast Food comes in to save the day! For some, it’s a daily thing, for others, it’s a once in a while meal, but for us it’s a lifestyle. Join the guys this week as we talk about our favorite fast food places ranging from the McD’s and BK to our regular local places such as Johnnie’s Beef, Munchie P’s, Sub T’s, Gene & Jude’s, Mickey’s and Leadbelly’s!