231 – Television


When we’re not busy living our lives, what’s our mainstay of entertainment? (Outside of this podcast, of course) Television! Our friend, family member and former babysitter.

At ’40 Going On 14′, we take our entertainment seriously. So why not take a moment to salute the king of entertainment! We’re going to talk our the evenloution of the idiot box and all the reasons we love it.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear T.V. on the radio, here’s your chance! Now where’s the remote?

182 – The Transportation Show

BEEP! BEEP! What’s that sound?

It’s the sound of another episode of ’40 Going On 14′! This week, we’re hoping into the drivers seat and taking a ride through all the modes of transportation in our lives. What was our first car? How did we get to and from school?

How many of us names our vehicles? All the answers lie within! Put on your seat belt and fill up the tank with gas. It’s a road trip you’ll never forget!

117 – Homeys!

Where did you live when you were a kid? Did you move around often, or did you live in the same house all through growing up? This week the guys take a walk back to when they were kids, and talk about where they grew up, and the moves they made. Join them as they trace the places they lived, leading up to now, and discover a dark secret about our Texan Pat!

Also, to celebrate the Holidays, we’ve paired up with Calliope Games, and are giving away a copy of either Thieves! or 12 Days each show in December! Listen to the show to find out how to enter!