155 – Celebrity Roasts!

What do Nipsy Russell, Justin Bieber and Truman Capote have in common? If you said, Comedy Roasts, then you’re right!

This week we’re sinking out teeth into the jugular of others, all in the name of honor and comedy, as we talk about the age old art of the roast. From the days of Dean Martin in prime time to the modern day Jeff Ross comedy on late night cable.

If you enjoy laughing at the expense of those whom you love, then this is the episode for you. The only thing missing, was Foster Brooks…. but I think he’s passed away. BOOM! Roasted.

86 – Stand Up Comedy!

What’s the deal with 40 Going On 14?

Yeah, that’s really all I had at the outset, not really funny at all. But you know what’s really funny? Stand up comedy! Yep. We take a turn on stage this week talking about the comedians from out past that we loved, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Don Rickles, just to name a few. (If you don’t know who Don Rickles is go look him up you hockey puck!) Then we take a gander at the comedy styling of Louis CK,¬†Patton Oswalt, and¬†John Mulaney.

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