202 – The Snack Food Show

Well, lunch was a couple of hours ago and dinner is still a ways off. What should I do? SNACKS! That’s right, kids, we’re doing a show all about those in between little morsels of happiness.

Sweet to Savory. New choices and old. We are picking up a little bit of everything for this weeks show, while trying to avoid reading the nutritional contents on the side of the packaging.

Our belts may need to be loosened a bit after this show. It’s time for a snack!

185 – The Side Dish

Your plate is full of delicious foods, but what’s that next to your main dish? SIDES! That’s right, we’re doing an entire show about the unsung hero of the dinner plate.

From the days of hiding veggies under layers of cheese, to heading off to college to find ourselves and the joys of fried vegetables. What more could you want for dinner?

Push those entrees aside and let’s indulge in some side dishes!

136 – The Buffet Show!

Are you hungry for some podcasting with a side of mac and cheese? Then this is your episode!

We’ve spent our whole lives watching the progression of the modern day buffet. From subpar fried chiken and no drink included with purchase, to the modern day mecca of The Bacchanal Buffet. We bloat our bellies on all things sneeze guarded!

Build up your appetite and save room for pie. It’s the buffet show!

116 – International Foods – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our International Foods shows! This week we talk about European, Middle Eastern and African foods! From pasta to gyros and then to hummus, the guys go on about what they liked and tried as kids, and what they love to eat now!

115 – International Foods, Part One


Who doesn’t love it? With Thanksgiving coming up, we decided to talk about INTERNATIONAL FOODS! Yes! Foods from “Not of this land” and why we love it.

Or we may just degrade into 20 minutes of “mmmm Sushi….”

But we’re not telling.

This week the guys talk about the foods they loved from the Americas, Asia and Down Under. Who has eaten kangaroo? Who has eaten live eels? Do we talk about either of those things in this show?

We’re not telling.

Join us in our culinary adventure, travel with us from land to land, and discover our International Foods Show! (Part one!)