151 – Ghostbusters!

Ray Parker Jr ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Are you?

This week, we’ll find out if the guys are! They’re talking about the original ‘Ghostbusters’ and the brand new remake. Despite all of the ongoing controversy, they’re going to strap on their proton packs, zip up their flight suits and trap Slimer one more time. It’s the ‘Ghostbusters’ show!

Who you gonna call? Holtzman of course. Just admit it, we’re all crushing on Holtzman.

101 – Wet Hot American Meatballs

Are you ready for the summer? Well, it’s almost over, but that reminded us of SUMMER CAMP! Yes! That time where you ditched the parents, spent the summer in a kinda funky smelling tent with kinda funky smelling bunkmates! Then we thought of summer camp movies, and that bastion of camp flicks, Meatballs, with none other than Bill Murray! Remember what a teen sex camp comedy it was? Or was it?
Then we needed a now, so we went to 2001’s “Wet Hot American Summer”! How wacky that one was with it’s….talking can of vegetables?


So join the guys in the Wet Hot American Meatballs show!