166 – Schwarzenegger Part Two: The Now

As promised, we’re back! This week, we’re bringing you part 2 of the Arnold show!

We’re going to cover the second half of The Governator’s film catalog and what he’s been up to, since 2000. There’s more Terminator’s to battle, Johnny Knoxville’s to partner up with and giant action ensembles to create explosions with!

Just like the man himself, this is an over sized 2 part tribute to a legend in the film industry. If you didn’t love Arnold before, you certainly will, when we’re done! Has anybody seen my rocket launcher?

95- The Simpsons!

Way back in 89, there was a show, one that would ruin the family, cause your kids to become juvenile delinquents, and just all out destroy your life. That show? Full House.

But we knew that already.

Another show that debuted that year is the Simpsons, one that had some bad press, some irrational comments made, and was for a moment the scapegoat for all hi-jinks that occurred. This week the guys take a look back and see if the episodes we loved are really as good as we remember, and if the over 25 year old show still has it’s magic.

So join us for a show full of comedy, bad impersonations, and quotes galore as we step into the Simpsons Show!