153 – Pop Princesses

Anytime you turn on the radio to a top 40 station, you’re bound to hear a song by a pop princess. Whether it was in 1983 or 2013 or last night, they are a strong part of the musical landscape, just like their male counterparts.

This week, ’40 Going On 14′ is taking you on a journey through all of the greatest pop princesses of our lifetime. From Madonna to Katy Perry and back again. They’re all here!

If you love your music with a side of popularity and heaping helping of estrogen, then get to downloading!

This time the princess is NOT in another castle. She’s right here and warming up for her next hit song!

125 – Billboard Top 10 1984 vs 2016

It’s that time of year again. The time when the guys get together and prove that good music still exists, after you turn 40! Even if it’s a triple helping of Ham-Bieber Helper.

With Billboard’s top 10 as our guide, we travese the musical pathways of 1984 and 2016. We also find out EXACTLY how much Josh hates one of the biggest songs on the countdown and we soon find a house divided.

Music is a window into the soul of the artist. However, some of the windows we peaked into, had no one home. Find out who, right now! Or wait until next year, when we do this all over again.

Are you a Belieber yet?