132 – Dusk Till Dawn

You stop at your local gas station and pop in for a snack. Suddenly, you’re being held at gunpoint by The Gecko Brothers. what do you do?

A) Try and escape?

B) Try and join them?

C) Hold on and see what happens?

D) All of the above?

If your answer was D, then you’re corrct!

We’re staying up ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ this week and sinking our fangs into this classic hybred of road movie and vampire thriller. Spanning the time between 1996’s original release, up to the current television series on El Ray and Netflix.

Grab some holy water condoms and let’s do this thing. Vampire killers, let’s get to killin’ vampires.

130 – The X-Files

If you were alive in the 90’s and watched the Fox network, then you’re familiar with the feeling you can only get from hearing ‘The X-Files’ theme. That haunting whistling, right before you were plunged into a world of mystery, monsters and Mulder.

On this weeks episode, we open up the case files and talk about all things ‘X-Files’. Despite what The Cigararette Smoking Man wants you to believe, this is the episode where we find out the truth that’s out there…. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are still really hot.

I want to believe. Do you?