140 – The Spidey Show!

Look! Up on the wall! It’s a man! It’s a spider! It’s a Spider-Man!

That’s right, this week it’s all about your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. We’re paying tribute to the never ending popularity of one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. From his humble beginnings in comic books, during the 60’s, to his much anticipated introduction in the cinematic Marvel universe. This is all things Spidey!

Build yourself a little hammock out of webbing shot from your wrist, put on your Underoo’s and let’s spend some time with Peter Parker and all of his friends, family and enemies. This is one episode, you won’t want to miss! Even if you’ve been bitten by a radioactive spider.



115 – International Foods, Part One


Who doesn’t love it? With Thanksgiving coming up, we decided to talk about INTERNATIONAL FOODS! Yes! Foods from “Not of this land” and why we love it.

Or we may just degrade into 20 minutes of “mmmm Sushi….”

But we’re not telling.

This week the guys talk about the foods they loved from the Americas, Asia and Down Under. Who has eaten kangaroo? Who has eaten live eels? Do we talk about either of those things in this show?

We’re not telling.

Join us in our culinary adventure, travel with us from land to land, and discover our International Foods Show! (Part one!)